“From Trash to Treasure”

Nathaniel Kruszewski, Ashland, KY

We started out in Texas looking for property of more than a couple of acres. We just couldn't find anything in raw land over ten acres that would suit our needs until a friend of ours showed us 32 +/- acres in Kentucky and hooked us up with the Land Central Land Company.

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“It saved me a lot of money”

Tim Allen, Harpers Ferry, WV

It saved me a lot of money that I would have paid in rent. Buying the property was the right thing to do. I didn’t know how valuable my land would become to me.

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“Looking for a second piece of land to develop”

Miguel Martinez, Lady Lake, FL

We are happy with our purchase and in fact we are looking for a second piece of land to develop as a rental property!

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“The Best Darn Land Company Ever!”

Penelope Conelly, Colorado Springs, CO

I have nothing but fabulous things to say. Not only was the purchase initially that quick and easy, but when I was injured in a car accident an lost income, they worked with me to make my payments, and a few days ago, I paid off my land. Also I purchased a second piece and was able to quick turn that into something else as I was not satisfied…They will work with you. It’s land, and who doesn’t want land? I can only say if you are looking for land to invest or for personal reasons go to LandCentral; get it from them first….I’ve seen a lot of companies that try to sell land and foreclosed homes as well as commercial land deals…Don’t trust them. You can only trust one out there! My next land purchase is going to be? You guessed it! LandCentral of course.  :)  And yours should too!

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“The best property purchase experience I had in my thirty years”

Charl Mattheus, DBA of Gainesville, FL

Purchasing land from LandCentral was the best property purchase experience I had in my thirty years of selling and buying property. The sales team was highly professional and they made me feel like family. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is a perfect example how a business should treat their clients. I want to thank you for your guidance and assist in finding me the right property in the right location at the right price. I can assure you I will be back for more land investments…

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“Thank you so much”

Molon L. of Arizona

Thank you so much for all your help through this rather easy land purchase process. You were courteous, friendly, and possessed the ability to answer my questions. I appreciate your attitude throughout this experience. It was thoroughly refreshing to receive a call from a salesperson with your genuine, friendly personality. So often, you encounter pushy, single minded salespeople…

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“We can’t say enough good things”

Pam & Bob F.

Wow, what an experience we have had with this transaction. This group of people truly know the meaning of TEAM. Every part of this transaction has gone flawlessly. We were sent paperwork in a timely fashion, complete and accurate. All the details were spelled out as well as carried out in the exact manner as we expected.

If we had questions about anything they answered within the hour usually but the next day at the latest. If there was a problem with the auto withdraw an email was sent so it could be addressed as soon as possible AND we overpaid the final payment and a refund was initiated within minutes of payment…


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“I love my property”

Leonor T. of Orange California

I would like you to know I love my property and tell all my friends what a good company Land Central is. I love the honesty of when you let the clients know if a property is on a paved road, or dirt road, or has no access. It makes it easy to pick the property that suits the buyers needs. I try to go camping every Saturday on my property…

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“Every transaction was smooth and efficient.”

Eric Lee, Happy LandCentral Customer

If you are considering buying land in the U.S., you cannot do better than working with LandCentral.

I have purchased three properties from them in Arizona and North Carolina.

Every transaction was smooth and efficient. LandCentral’s in-house financing made it affordable and easy to own with attractive interest rates, convenient payment method options, and fantastic land prices…

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“Without any hesitation I would recommend Land Central”

Frank J. of Richmond, California

I recently purchased a large lot on a canal in Southern Florida, only an hour’s drive from Miami! You have been the best land agent I have ever met! You’ve patiently walked me through every step of the purchase and even explained the best ways to develop the property, as well as who to contact in the local area for that purpose. I have bought other properties from other companies, but never have I been treated with such respect and honesty as you and your company have given me. You have offered me the chance to have a winter home in a very nice area at a very affordable price. Your company is very professional, and without any hesitation I would recommend you and Land Central to anyone who would like to own a nice piece of land in a very desirable area.

Thanks for everything. I plan to buy from you again when I am able.

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“A better experience purchasing land!”

Mark E. of Pinole, California

My brother and I have been buying property for seasonal use for many years now. We have seen all sorts of real estate companies and their agents, some good, some bad. In that regard, I must say that with your company and particularly with you, we have never had a better experience purchasing land! You have been in all ways the most honest and knowledgeable, and patient, real estate agent that we have ever met and your company has been even more professional and honest than the biggest real estate companies with whom we have ever dealt. I must also tell you that I have taken much time observing what other companies offer and without reservation, you offer the best lands and the best prices of any land company in the easily affordable property range…

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“Anytime I have a question they are right there with the answer”

Donna B. Costilla of County, Colorado

LandCentral helped Donna B. from Denver, Colorado achieve her American Dream of owning land in beautiful Costilla County. She bought the land because it is in a beautiful valley and is close to state parks. It is also near the town of San Luis, which is a charming town where she feels “right at home”…

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A picnic and a pond!

Kate and Greg

See how Kate & Greg’s dream of land ownership came true… twice! Words can’t do these two properties justice, you’ll have to see the pictures Kate & Greg took of their land!

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“A tangible way to invest in the future”

Simon and Raya B. of Northern California

How LandCentral Helped the Bradbury's escape the city hustle.

With intentions of camping and enjoying the peaceful and scenic Northern California location, Simon and Raya Bradbury purchased their property from LandCentral in June 2012.

“Eventually we hope to spend some winters there with the location being ideal for snow recreation and summers being just as exciting,” said Simon.

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