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Nebraska may be landlocked, but it holds the record for the most miles of rivers in one state. Situated in the heart of the United States, nearly 23,000 miles of rivers flow throughout Nebraska. From its rich farmland in the Great Plains to its diverse landscapes in the Northeast Sandhills, it’s no wonder that land for sale in Nebraska is a hot commodity. Landcentral is your go-to for unique land for sale in Nebraska. With its relative flat land and warm spring and summer months, much of the lots for sale in Nebraska provide an abundance of farming and ranching opportunities. The eastern portion of the state is immersed in fields of corn and soybeans, making Nebraska one of the lead producers of the two crops. Alongside crops, Nebraska is also well-known for its beef. Omaha Steaks, anyone? Nebraska is often conceived as mostly farms and prairieland, nearly one quarter of Nebraska consists of the Northeast Sandhills. The sandhills of Nebraska are situated along the Platte River and are one of the largest areas of grass-stabilized sand dune formations. In the spring months, the sand dunes are a popular tourist attraction because of the flocks of sandhill cranes that visit for a few weeks while migrating north.

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